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  • FarAway 2.0 Administrator's guide

Onlio FarAway (for JIRA 7.x)

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  1. Connect to the JIRA server you want to install the FarAway add-on as a user with administratory rights.
  2. Choose , then Add-ons.
  3. In the "Find new Add-ons" window, search for "FarAway". Press Enter.
  4. Choose "Free Trial" for the add-on "Onlio FarAway".
  5. Sign in with your AtlassianID to obtain an evaluation license.

The FarAway installation procedure includes:

  • Installation of mandatory files.
  • Creating default JIRA groups for FarAway.
  • Creating the service FarAwayUpdateJob.
  • Basic configuration of the FarAway custom field.
  • Assignment of the administrators to the "Editors" group.
  • Basic setup for the add-on and the JIRA database.

The administrator is notified about regular FarAway updates on the Atlassian marketplace through the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager.

Additional configuration

  • Set the user rights to use the add-on by assigning and arranging them into the appropriate JIRA Groups / Organization structure.
  • To have the "Absence warning" custom field working, you need to set up the custom field in JIRA administration along with users that can see it (WarningViewers role).
  • Add users that will be able to add absences into the JIRA group "FARAWAY-USERS", which is automatically created by the add-on during the installation.
  • If you won't use the JIRA group, change the "Use org. structure" setting in the add-on configuration to "true" and add users into the organizational structure manually (see "Administrating the add-on - Settings" and below).


After the trial version expires, you must buy a license. Without it, you cannot enter new data into the application or change any settings. You can use either an Onlio license, bought at Onlio, a.s., or an Atlassian license, bought at the Atlassian Marketplace. When using an Onlio license, the Atlassian license field (as shown below) must be empty.


Administrating the add-on

To access the application's administration:

  1. Choose , then Add-ons.
  2. Choose one of the options at the "ONLIO FARAWAY" section.


The administrator can change the majority of the application's settings here.




Uživatele definujeNázev JIRA Group (výchozí nastavení)

Vacation Group

Users on vacation.

Outworking GroupWorking users on vacation (Homeoffice)SystemINT-OUT-WORKING

Editors Group

Users that can add/edit/delete the absences of other users.


Viewers Group

Users that see absences of other users.



Users that see the absence warning.

Project Vacation

Project key of the project where the absence issues are created. When empty, the no issues are created.

Issue TypeIssue type for absence issues.  
Start date custom fieldIf "Project vacation" is set, you can see the start date of every absence in its corresponding issue. This field is used for the name of the start date custom field (Datepicker).  
End date custom fieldIf "Project vacation" is set, you can see the end date of every absence in its corresponding issue. This field is used for the name of the end date custom field (Datepicker).  
Use org. structureSwitch on or off the use of the organizational structure: the users added there can record their absences. If you are not using the organizational structure, but you use the JIRA group FARAWAY-USERS instead, keep the "false" setting.  
Org. structure providerWhen using the organizational structure, you can use either the Faraway internal one, or the one used by Onlio Timesheets.  

Homeoffice, Vacation

Do not add users to the Homeoffice and Vacation groups, as these are internal application groups.

Global lists

Employees can be absent of a variety of reasons. You can add a new absence type by clicking "Add". The "Reload" button refreshes the list. The "Working" column shows whether the employee works in this status (true) or not (false). The "Disable" button shows if the status is active.

Organization structure

Users in the organization structure can add their absence records, if you are not using the FARAWAY-USERS group in JIRA. To add new users, click "Add Employee / Přidat zaměstnance" - these users must already exist in JIRA. The administrator can fill various other information about them here.

Onlio License

On this screen, you can add a license key purchased in Onlio - but not the one bought on Atlassian Marketplace (that key can be added on the FarAway tab in "Manage add-ons"). If you want to use an Onlio-issued license, the field for the Atlassian license must be empty.

You see either the "Aktuálně není k dispozici žádná licence" notice in case you don't use a Onlio license, or its description, if you do.


Stav bez licence

No license is used


Obrazovka s licencí

A valid license screen

Custom fields

Faraway uses two "Atlassian Datepicker" custom fields for the "From" and "To" dates in absence issues. It also uses a "FarAway: Assignee Warning" custom field, displayed in a issue whose assignee is absent. 

To add a custom field, in this case a "FarAway: Assignee Warning" one (adding a Datepicker is similar), follow these steps:

  1. Log in as a user with administratory rights. 
  2. Choose , then Add-ons
  3. Choose "Custom fields"
  4. Choose "Add custom field"
  5. Choose "All"
  6. Type "FarAway: Assignee Warning".

  7. Fill the name and the description of the field.
  8. Finally, choose the screen/s where you'd like the custom field to be displayed.


During the installation, a service "Onlio FarAway Update Job" is created. This service updates the status of the Homeoffice and Vacation users.

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