Onlio ResponseTimes is a JIRA system add-on, which is designed to remind the solution manager of the necessity to react to events related to a given project (or components of a project). The necessity to react to an event is defined by configuration and is applied to tasks of a given project or components of it.

The basic function of the add-on is reminding users responsible for fulfilling tasks (Project leader, Component leader, Solution manager) of approaching deadlines for required reactions to events of a project. Currently, events “Task creation”, “Client comment” and “Developer comment” are watched.

Functionalities can be made use of for example when a user and a client have a contract about service support (e.g. an SLA type contract), which defines reaction times for an announced stimulus from the client side, or is managed by internal ISO regulations requiring reactions to customer contributions.

The most important functions of the add-on present:

  • sending reminders about upcoming reaction deadlines according to settings
  • display of reaction time available on the task detail page
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